Day 3: Power yoga, #ACoupla(Mostly)WhiteBrosSittin’AroundSingin’, and Eavesdropping at my local

Started the day with a killer yoga session at the nearby KXU gym. I am easily 30 years older than anyone in there. Truly, this is the home of the Beautiful People in London! My locker won’t open, but someone else has the same problem and gets the manager. Everyone was actually very nice and helpful, and it was heaven to stretch, after sleeping on the plane and having done so much walking earlier in the week.

Theater this afternoon, Choir of Man in the West End. Quick review: save your money if it comes to Broadway. The show is a “jukebox musical“, a term I just learned this week, meaning a show that’s basically an opportunity for the songs in it to be sung, one after another, like songs in a jukebox.Think Mamma Mia and her multiple offspring, Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You, Jagged Little Pill, etc. The preshow music is loud but on the edge of tolerable, and I watch as they invite audiencemembers onto the stage, set up like a pub, to get free Solo cups full of beer. One cast member stands on a stool with a long handled paddle with slots for cups of beer that he hands up to people in the balconies. The Stage Director holds him around the waist (I assume for liability reasons) and playfully unbuckles and re-buckles his belt while he does this.

I go to put my earplugs in and discover that I have left them at the flat in my purse. I was hoping to walk the 50 minutes to the theater, so I switched out the purse for my extremely fashionable black fanny pack 😊. The 90s are back!

Which is kind of the theme of the musical, it’s basically boomer nostalgia songs, and while I definitely am a boomer, and moderately nostalgic, the first song is Welcome to the Jungle. It’s so thumpingly blisteringly loud in the small venue that I’m already gathering my things up before they finish singing.

I’m concerned the usher will think I have Covid, so I tell him I have a migraine starting. I even say I see the aura, which is completely not associated with Covid, in case he’s concerned. I repeat this lie to the front of house staff, four of whom ask me if everything is all right. They are very polite in Britain, and it kind of inspires you to be polite back.

So I’m bummed this did not turn out like I hoped, but the walk back was delightful in the chili, misty air, as I go down through Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, cut across Hyde Park and past Buckingham Palace.

I’m proud of myself that I didn’t stay there and suffer in the theater out of some crazy idea that it would be rude not to enjoy their offered entertainment. It’s taken me 60 years to put my own wellbeing first, but I’m learning.

Note to self: Maybe what I like best about being in a new city is just walking around it. People watching. Seeing the parks, the architecture. I put a pin in that thought.

I end up being rewarded for my brave act of self-care with the opportunity to eavesdrop on an interesting conversation!

On the way home I stop to sit outside and have a drink and some olives at the Colbert, my local. A man walking by stops and asks the woman at the table a little bit down from me if she had been in George Michael’s band, and it turned out she had, in 2005, and he had seen her in concert. George apparently lived around here and had dogs named Meg and Abby that he walked all the time, that’s how the neighbors got to know him. So I go home and Google it, and in fact he did have dogs of that name that he was devoted to! (My hearing is not always fantastic, especially if I’m eavesdropping lol). So that was kind of fun. They talked about his death and how sad that was. They seemed to like him a great deal. I go back to the flat feeling like I’ve had a true London moment.

This is Day 3 of my trip to London — read the other days in this series here on my page! You can also subscribe to receive notification when I publish again at Thanks!



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