Day 11: Battersea “Affordable” Art Fair

Does $10,000 a pop sound “affordable” to you?

Country bumpkin that I am, once again I’m exclaiming “look at these prices!” This time it’s the price of art at the self-named Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park. It’s a twice yearly art fair designed to give Londoners the opportunity to buy art at reasonable prices.

While I do see one item for 150 pounds, I see plenty others at 1200 pounds, 2500 pounds, up to 7500 pounds. Siri tells me that at today’s exchange rate, that’s $9,785 USD. I guess that’s affordable? With the amount of money you have to have just to swing rent and basic living expenses in London (estimated in February, 2022 as 2,631£ per month, about $3,342 USD), maybe it is.

And the art is truly beautiful, and won’t cost you anything to look at. Enjoy!

The popsicles above were the least expensive artwork I saw — about 150£ each. There were different titles for each one inscribed on the stick that related to the items that were embedded in the Lucite that made up the popsicle.

Many portraits of women —

This artist I think is trying a motif like that of Kehinde Wiley (who does his portraits of figures with a signature floral background, very distinctive), by inserting the swirled half-panel (he had others I didn’t get a shot of in a similar vein)-

Here are some from Kehinde Wiley to give you an idea of how he brands his portraits:

There was a theme of bunnies:

It took me a second to get the joke of this one — it helped that there was a Beatrix Potter exhibition at V&A, so Peter Cottontail was top of mind-

And as a sidenote, leaving the fair and walking back over the Battersea Bridge to the flat, I saw this propped up on the fence:

Presumably a child dropped it and some kind passerby picked it up so it could be retrieved later. 😊

And to finish up the day, an assortment:

And maybe this is the ultimate commentary on overpriced art:

This is Day 11 of my trip to London — read the other days in this series here on my page!



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