Day 14: Harrods, London: A temple to conspicuous consumption

Lots of lovely photos here. Enjoy!

And the food hall, my other happy place… (coincidentally, my first happy place is the gym, so you see how these two balance out . . . )

Biscuits, aka “cookies”
COFFEEEEEEEEE (yaas, in the land of tea! I recommend Marks & Spencer’s Gold instant, actually)
You can also buy flavored truffle oil there. I don’t know what that is or what it tastes like, but you can buy it!
Tea in a pretty Harrods tin, so folks know you went there

And it’s Easter coming up (the bunny theme of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea reasserts itself here . . . )

Cute or creepy? You decide!!

And if you think I am capable of passing up these delightful confectionaries with the name of “Fairy Cakes,” then, sir or madam, as the case may be, you do not know me at all. (Plus, they are enticingly displayed just at the point where you are checking out, and priced at only 10£.)

#NotReallyResponsible ;)

Off to the gym now!!

This is Day 14 of my trip to London — read the other days in this series here on my page!



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Linda Falcão

Linda Falcão

EEOC Settlement judge; Member, Harvard alum Pandemic Response Team; US Presidential Scholar; Former appellate law clerk; Rabble-rouser