Day 9: Medieval sculpture and Modern art at V&A

At Victoria and Albert Museum in London, my favorite museum in the world.

A cast of Michelangelo‘s David, given to Queen Victoria

(so I’m encouraged that even David’s toe looks a little jacked up here. Not as bad as mine from last week, but still . . . 😂)

18th century baby clothes!

I’ll always have to finish with art deco, or art nouveau. My two favorite styles in the world. Yum!

And a new addition on this visit, the membership lounge at V&A

Ahhhhhh, nothing like a cuppa after a day at the museum!

OK, that was this year‘s visit, but I was inspired to go back in my phone and find some pictures from my 2019 visit to V&A:

Tutu worn by Margot Fonteyn

Adam Ant

Mamma Mia!

And finally, shoes worn by the diminutive god of funk, my idol, Prince.

I love V&A for its sculpture garden, fashion and entertainment exhibits, and its decorative arts (I’m returning next week for the Faberge exhibition!). It’s my favorite museum in the world. What’s yours?



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