How Public Facemasking Can Reduce Virus Transmission By 91%

Why you should mask, plus patterns, materials, cultural change, and a shout-out to Betsy Ross.

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

Combining multiple forms of protection — hand washing, mask wearing, gloves, and another layer of outerwear (gowning) — was 91% effective.

Read that again: 91% effective at stopping virus transmission.

COVID-19 and SARS are similar types of viruses (coronaviruses), and it makes sense that what works to stop transmission for one will work to stop transmission of the other.

At first I was excited to see this: Finally, a use for my old vacuum cleaner bags! Since then I’ve read that they are NOT a good choice because the filtering material contains tiny glass particles. So maybe use them to make coasters instead. :)
  • A winter scarf or balaclava (What??)
  • A bandanna
  • A 5" stretchy yoga headband turned backwards
Me wearing my yoga headband backwards. And/or getting ready to knock over the 7–11.
Masks and photo by Teresa Linger, used by permission.
Betsy Ross, the Patron Saint of Patriotic Sewers

EEOC Settlement judge; Mediator/investigator in sexual harassment/discrimination cases; US Presidential Scholar; Former appellate law clerk; Rabble-rouser

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